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Meeting the Scheduling Challenge

What We Do

Infosilem scheduling solutions allow colleges and universities to better serve students, faculty and other stakeholders while streamlining campus operations and optimizing resources. Drawing on over three decades of experience in higher education scheduling, Infosilem provides advanced software solutions as well as a comprehensive range of related services. Institutions around the world rely on Infosilem tools and expertise to successfully create course and exam schedules and efficiently manage all event bookings on campus.

Who We Are

Our teams are focused on customer scheduling success. We take pride in developing and implementing solutions that improve all scheduling functions and practices in the higher education sector through our industry leading solutions, expert-based services and our responsive customer support. This dedication and comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs is rewarded with a 99% client retention rate.

Our History

Infosilem was founded by university professor and mathematician Jacques Melis in 1987. The initial goal was to leverage the power of technology to automate the production of a fair and equitable exam schedule for all students and solve the classic scheduling problem. The success of our first clients led to expansion into other scheduling functions in higher education, and built the foundation for Infosilem to become the leading developer of sophisticated scheduling software solutions that it is today. Now part of Berger-Levrault International, Infosilem continues to grow and evolve its solutions to serve higher education.

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