Customer Success

Optimizing course schedule and space utilization

At Catawba Valley Community College

The implementation of Infosilem’s scheduling solution, fostering a collaborative environment with faculties, helped Catawba Valley Community College solve major course scheduling conflicts within programs and make better use of its campus space. By focusing on students’ needs and program requirements, this North Carolina state college improved program completion rates and reduced average completion time.

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Gaining operational efficiency and trust with faculties

At Carleton University

Facing increasing enrollment and accountability measures, the Ottawa-based Carleton University undertook a major shift in its scheduling approach when implementing Infosilem course scheduling software. Moving toward a coordinated course scheduling environment provided an excellent opportunity to meet these goals, as well as to establish better business processes and communication.

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Empowering Users

At Georgian College

Georgian College established a single centralized office to oversee 12 scheduling units, each with diverse roles and responsibilities. The implementation of INFOSILEM ENTERPRISE™ made the integration of all these scheduling units possible; empowering users individually through a self-service portal while increasing operational efficiency.

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Campus Scheduling Success

At Villanova University

The campus-wide project of improving space scheduling operations at Villanova University was undertaken with high pressure from the Management. The implementation of INFOSILEM ENTERPRISE™ went so smoothly that the self-service online portals were made available earlier than planned. In the end, every stakeholder benefits from the intuitive scheduling platform and the improved use of campus resources.

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Delivering Conflict-Free Exam Schedules

At Penn State University

For its final exam scheduling, from a manual paper-driven 11-week process, Penn State University went to a student-centric automated process. With INFOSILEM EXAM™, Penn State University drastically reduced the number of scheduling conflicts, identified and resolved the remaining conflicts and successfully generated individual student and instructor final exam schedules.

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Freshman Registration Made Easy

At Fordham University

The implementation of Infosilem software for scheduling sections at Fordham University went smoothly and faster than planned. User-friendly, learning the system required minimal training. The use of this tool results in the ability to deliver more complete freshman schedules while significantly reducing their production time and generating substantial cost savings by projecting a more accurate number of seats.

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