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About Georgian College

Georgian College, established in 1967 in Ontario, offers more than 100 programs, taught in state-of-the-art facilities across seven campuses. With more than 10,000 full-time students and 27,000 continuing education registrations from 50 countries, Georgian College is a dynamic hub of learning, culture, and activities.


The college faced a dilemma: how to retain control of space and reporting on space while ensuring that accessibility and visibility over campus activities (both academic and non-academic) were available to the campus community at large. The manual process in place was cumbersome and prone to errors.


What was needed was a software solution that offered the following:

  • Accessible calendaring, room schedules, and reporting
  • Intuitive interface for broad distribution to a variety of users
  • Self-service functionality and elegant communication workflow
  • Role and permission-based controls

INFOSILEM ENTERPRISE™ provided all that, and much more.

Better services to campus community

Georgian College has increased visibility on space availability, can now publish accurate real-time calendars, promote self-service efficiency, and report accurately on all aspects of its scheduling operations. The combination of these key strategic advantages increases transparency on the management of space. The end results are a relationship of trust and vastly improved services to the College’s entire community.


Online Scheduling

Georgian College implemented INFOSILEM ENTERPRISE™ and INFOSILEM ENTERPRISE PORTAL™, creating a self-service environment. Instead of calling the central scheduling office, departments such as Physical Resources can view room usage and organize their work around room schedules. Security, on the other hand, uses a customized daily calendar report for their evening and weekend rounds. Staff who have access to INFOSILEM ENTERPRISE PORTAL™ can easily access key scheduling information at all times.

Business intelligence

With INFOSILEM ENTERPRISE™, Georgian College has the ability to develop reports to meet the needs of its varied audience. Campus-wide business intelligence is increased and reports are tailored to multiple types of needs, such as Key Performance Indicators for the Space Management Committee and estimation of future requirements.

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