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Scheduling expertise

Our deep understanding of scheduling comes from a dedication to the global higher education sector and the continuous pursuit in innovation, improvement and support of our customers scheduling operations.

Professional Services

Using Infosilem solutions, our teams of professionals resolve the most critical and complex scheduling challenges. We offer a broad range of strategic consulting, implementation and technical value-added services, adapted to the specific needs of each customer. Our comprehensive implementation plans and expert staff guide the successful deployment of Infosilem software. Our proven methodologies ensure success in every project. Our teams are there to assist you in analyzing your scheduling functions, developing sound scheduling policies, or guiding a renewal of your operations. Post-implementation, our ongoing training, technical, and operational support services, coupled with our dedication to client success, ensure that your scheduling needs are always met.

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Management Consulting

Higher educational institutions of all types engage Infosilem to provide consulting services addressing strategic scheduling issues such as student success, space governance and utilization. Explore new scheduling models, review your existing processes, or develop comprehensive scheduling practices and policies.

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