Scheduling software solutions for higher education

Course Scheduling

Focus on Student Success

Infosilem’s software solutions streamline the planning and automate the production of a master course schedule that meets the needs of students and faculty members while optimizing the use of available space. Our collaborative tools improve efficiencies between the scheduling office and the academic areas to ensure student success.

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Event Scheduling

Unify the Campus Community

Enable the entire community of campus schedulers to efficiently manage resources and activities. Empower faculty, staff and students through calendaring and self-service capabilities. Enhance the user experience and deliver better customer service.

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Exam Scheduling

Produce the best exam schedule possible.

Infosilem automates the production of the final exam schedule, finding the best time and the best room available. Leverage advanced features to streamline and simplify workflow, and produce the best schedule possible.

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Student Scheduling

Give your students the great start they deserve

The student experience overall plays an important role in retention and progression. A quality academic schedule is a vital element of that experience. Infosilem’s solution optimizes the assignment of students to their course choices providing them with that essential quality schedule.

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