Course scheduling

Focus on Student Success

Automate and simplify the creation of the academic schedule. Use Infosilem’s software solutions to increase operational efficiency and enhance the quality of the schedule produced. More than just a conflict-free schedule, the results improve student access to sections while respecting professors’ preferences and needs.

Schedule for Students

  • Respect academic requirements and give students access to courses they need, when they need them
  • Have complete visibility over the student demand for courses versus the supply of seats being offered and adjust as needed
  • Offer students a schedule that works for them, and for the institution as a whole
  • Increase retention rates and promote on-time graduation

Fulfill Faculty Member Needs

  • Comply with the varied needs of full-time, sessional and part-time instructors
  • Respect guidelines and policies in place
  • Simplify workload assignment
  • Provide earlier access to timetables

Use Rooms Efficiently

  • Assign the most appropriate space to a section
  • Avoid prime-time congestion in preferred rooms
  • Increase room utilization rates
  • Ensure best-fit and boost seat utilization rates

Promote Departmental Collaboration

  • Improve the quality and accuracy of data
  • Standardize and validate information
  • Provide visibility over the schedules and reporting
  • Streamline the process and compress scheduling timelines

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