Event Scheduling

Unify the Campus Community

Unify all stakeholders by providing a single system of reference for all scheduling activities. Provide booking flexibility, calendar visibility, and consolidation of information and business process alike. Effective scheduling, communication and workflow mechanisms streamline the business of managing campus activities.

Simplify Event Scheduling

  • Put easy-to-use scheduling tools in the hands of your schedulers
  • Leverage Self-Service booking to better serve the wider campus community
  • Share autonomy among campus scheduling units
  • Give the campus community access to room schedule information and promote event booking awareness
  • Integrate with ancillary services to facilitate coordination of activities

Organize the Campus

  • Maintain a single reservation database of all activities
  • Work from one central room file
  • Standardize the work and the workflow
  • Create role-based access and permissions
  • Allow user-tailored workspaces
  • Integrate with other mission critical systems

Compelling Reporting and Calendaring

  • Use Business Intelligence reports to measure key performance indicators and assist with decision-making
  • See what’s going on at all times with flexible calendaring
  • Facilitate Event Management functions across the board
  • Incorporate costing information associated with bookings

Reduce Effort, Improve Communication

  • Streamline workflow to effectively manage operations
  • Promote web services to communicate with other systems (HVAC, Digital Display)
  • Integrate with MS Exchange to synchronize room calendars
  • Communicate with the campus community with online schedules of activities

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