Exam Scheduling

Produce the best exam schedule possible.

Use individual student’s information, institutional policies and guidelines, instructor information, and flexible room definitions, to automatically create a conflict-free schedule and make informed exam management decisions.

Support Student Success

  • Create a student-focused exam schedule
  • Eliminate direct conflicts and minimize exam congestion
  • Respect guidelines governing exam scheduling
  • Maintain academic standards and integrity
  • Manage individual student schedules

Simplify the Task

  • Simultaneously assign the best times and rooms
  • Easily schedule common exams
  • Balance exams across the examination period
  • Minimize alternate exams and deferrals
  • Make informed decisions by having visibility over all data

Use Exam Rooms Efficiently

  • Minimize the number of rooms required
  • Find the best room for each exam
  • Create seating plans and seat assignments
  • Ensure proximity of rooms assigned

Measure the Results

  • Report on the schedule quality
  • View statistics and distribution metrics
  • Track exceptions

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