Why Infosilem?

Because Scheduling Matters

Experience and Expertise

Infosilem has over 30 years of scheduling software development and close working ties with post-secondary institutions. Benefit from our broad understanding of the scheduling challenges that you are facing.

Reliability and Quality Service

Relationships and trust are cornerstones of Infosilem’s business. You can trust in our ability to serve your scheduling needs and you can count on our full spectrum customer care. We stand by our products and services, and are always there for our clients.

Business Intelligence and Scheduling Knowledge

Infosilem knows the business of scheduling, and we have embedded this knowledge and experience in the tools we develop and services we provide to create a complete scheduling solution. Let us give you complete visibility and control over your scheduling process and your results.

System Integration and Process Integration

Infosilem is more than just software. We recognize that the scheduling function is only part of larger systems and processes. We help streamline data flow and operations by providing those tools for integration and by examining your business processes to ensure the best fit possible.

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